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Is PRINTERMAN lurking in your office?

Can you help? If you have any evidence that may help us track down Printerman and rid organisations of his antics forever, please contact Bytes Document Solutions immediately. Click here for more information, then CALL 01293 543 434, Like us on Facebook or email

Have you been affected? Paper jams, low toner, and unknown errors are typical clues that Printerman has visited your office. You may be a victim. Act NOW.

PrintermanDo not approach him. When provoked he is known to squirt toner over people and ruin their clothes. He’s a menace to every office worker. Already this year his victims have included Personal Assistants, IT professionals, Executives, Sales & Marketing people and H.R. People.
YOU could be next.

He must be stopped. Contact Bytes Document Solutions immediately if you’ve seen signs that Printerman has been lurking in your office. Is your printer working NOW? Check. If not, contact us immediately. Click here for more information, then CALL 01293 543 434 or email


We first encountered Printerman 15 years ago, and since then we’ve made it our mission to clean up after him.

We're here to help:

Whatever the size of your printer fleet and whatever brands you use we can clean up the mess that Printerman has created and put a Managed Print Service in place so you’re NEVER bothered by him again.

Just give us a call on 01293 543 434, or drop us an email and we’ll do the rest. Simple.

Ever felt like smashing up a printer?

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